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Internet is filled with evolving terms regarding marketing and platforms: Fullstack, Xaas, Smartbound, Fullbound, Sales Funnels and others, all combining circular models. This is mainly because companies are trying to meet clients’ needs within their specialized sector by providing a full range of services.

We are a contact centre. For us, smartbound does not simply mean the ability to respond to inbound and outbound client contacts and to create leads. It means using the best available tools to operate in both areas. But it’s not the best marketing automation software or data collection bots that make us succeed, it’s the people behind them.

With modern tools, we no longer need to interact with people face to face as much as before, but there is no substitute for human intuition or the ability to use situational wisdom when it comes to making contact with a client and negotiating a deal, making a sales pitch or providing customer service.


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Our mission

  • Our mission is to provide different methods by which our clients can increase sales and cut administrative costs. With these methods we can increase the overall presence of the product and company on the market. Marketing automation is currently the latest trend, but so far, data collected by human beings on leads and future deals beats all the data collecting bots. That's why we try to use the best of both worlds.


    For our clients, therefore, data collection can be as valuable in the long term as direct deals. We can, of course, utilize our own database and information we have compiled on companies for our client's benefit.


    We are located in Spain, on the Costa del Sol, as there is a large international workforce available in this area. We have people living here from almost every corner of the world, all looking for work in their own language.


    We specialize in IT sector clients, but because we have people working for us from various fields of work, we have expertise in different fields.

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